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KNITLIB the podcast – E10 – Highlighters aren’t just for textbooks

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And it’s that time again! A new episode is up and it’s full of knit knit knitting. As I’m uploading this, it is in the middle of the night and for some weird reason I can’t sleep (maybe it’s the ghost hunting shows I’ve been watching?). At any rate! I’m really stoked to share the show notes from this week’s…


KNITLIB the podcast – E8 – This is a colour dream, people.

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So, I totally bailed on uploading the show notes for KNITLIB the podcast – Episode 7Β – Knitting to Find My CentreΒ because life got in the way so we’re going to forget that little mistake happened and just jump right into Episode 8! This is an episode all about colour obsession, bent needles, a sweater for an adult human and how…


KNITLIB the podcast – E6 – I’m part robot, too!

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And so we have another episode! As I update this, I’m pretty pooped and I suspect that is going to be a running theme from now until the end of April. But I’ve got a cup of tea, some nice tunes and bowl full of snacks to keep me going. In this week’s episode I tend to blather on a…


KNITLIB the podcast – E5 – I love me some dickeys.

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Hello, hello! Another episode is up and I’m gonna be pretty honest here: I’m pooped. School has started up again and for some reason I’m working full-time hours this week and time is slipping by pretty quickly as I try to cram as much as I can in before I fall asleep on my feet. This week’s episode is a…


Stay where you’re to, till I gets where you’re at.

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Last night, I was at an opening for Tara Cooper’s most recent exhibition, God Love Brigus II. The show is wonderfully charming, exploring storytelling through printmaking, clever little sculptural objects and collage. The subject of the exhibition focuses on the artist’s experience during a residency in picturesque Brigus, Newfoundland where six weeks out of the year they invite artists and…


KNITLIB the podcast – Episode 4 – Oh, the neon goodness!

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Can you believe it? We’re already a month into doing this thing! Amazing! In this week’s episode I tell a very long-winded story about literally falling on my face, give you a glimpse into my latest cast on and drink tea that surprisingly doesn’t taste like dirt. Happy New Year, everyone! πŸ™‚ KNITLIB – Episode 4 – Show Notes What…


KNITLIB the podcast – E3 – A little magical thinking.

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And episode 3 is here with a bang (and a little magical thinking!). We’ve got magic gems, a few project highlights, some really rad books and a whole lot of chatter. While this episode turned out a little longer than I had initially anticipated, just think of all the uninterrupted knitting time you can have while watching it! KNITLIB –…