And it’s that time again! A new episode is up and it’s full of knit knit knitting. As I’m uploading this, it is in the middle of the night and for some weird reason I can’t sleep (maybe it’s the ghost hunting shows I’ve been watching?). At any rate! I’m really stoked to share the show notes from this week’s podcast with you.

The biggest news this week is that I finally started up a Ravelry group! You can join the group by searching forΒ KNITLIB the podcast in theΒ Groups tab. So far there isn’t much in there yet but I’ll be working on it. I will still be posting my show notes here but if you’d like to interact with me and other viewers of the podcast, that’s probably going to be the best place to do it. Woo!

KNITLIB – Episode 10 – Show Notes

Footage from the intro

  • Features my walk through a snowy but deceptively warm day (it was 15C!)
  • Snippets from exploringΒ Β Glow, a festival of light art installations that took place in downtown Calgary this past weekend. Also, those damned bunnies are everywhere lately.
  • Perfect light when the sun reflects off the highrises.
  • And yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Courtesy of my most favourite place, Stash.

What’s on my needles

Stash Enhancement

  • Ordered some beautiful and super handy project bags from fellow Alberta-crafter, Nekozuki Knits. Katie’s stuff is really lovely – check out her website!

What I’m wearing

  • I’m wearing my most recent rendition of the Titoque, a pattern I designed in 2015 that makes me laugh every time I wear it. Seriously. It’s the silliest and the best.

Dream Knitting

  • And because I’m always dreaming about knitting, I’m currently obsessed with neckwear. Not just scarves but knitted statement pieces. Seriously. I can’t stop thinking about it.
  • Also, I’m casting on for the new Marled Magic Shawl MKAL hosted by Westknits. I think in the podcast I accidentally called it the “Marled Madness Shawl” but that’s a totally different pattern. I meant Magic. I always mean magic!