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Episode 26: So you want to know about “the glove”…

In this episode, I announce the winner of the Cropped Top KAL and chat about the fate of my Ravelry group. There are a couple of finished objects, some works in progress, and some needle reviews! Also, I awkwardly answer the question: “What is the glove artwork on your wall?”. Yep. It’s not what you’re expecting, I can promise you that. Ha!

/// Administrative Junk ///

  • Winner of the Cropped Top KAL is announced!
  • The podcast Ravelry group is going to sleep (zzzzzz!). It’s not dying but I am putting it in a coma.

/// What I’m Wearing ///

/// Finished Objects ///

/// Works in Progress ///

/// Question Period ///

  • I answer the question “What is that glove in the frame about?”

/// Skip to the End ///

  • This is the new storytelling segment! I share some stories from my library life.


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