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I’m Suzen – a knitter and soon-to-be-librarian living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am the creator and host of KnitLib: the podcast, a bi-weekly video series on YouTube that is all about knitting, libraries, and my life. I also run this website! Hello 🙂

Some stuff about me

Presently, I am a graduate student working through the online Masters of Library and Information Studies program at University of Alberta. When I’m not staring into a computer screen or knitting while reading academic articles, you can find me working at the public library as children’s services facilitator. My days are filled with lots of picture books, kid jokes, and tons of laughter. I also moonlight as a knitting instructor at my other favourite place, Stash, where I lead workshops in dyeing yarn (among other things).

I share a cozy and creatively cluttered condo with my husband Ryan and our old man of a cat, Ramone (he’s 19!). And while I call Calgary home right now, Newfoundland & Labrador will always give me the worst case of homesickness and forever hold my heart.

Other things? I have been known to go for epically long walks for no particular reason other than the joy of wandering around aimlessly. All of my most favourite teas will inevitably retire from David’s Tea (Oh, Currant Affair! I miss you!). And I recently had the revelation that maybe I’m the messy one in my household (no surprises there!).


Want to know a bit more about my knitting life? I responded to the knitting survey meme that has been floating around YouTube and Instagram in this 41-min video (it’s long, I know!). Get some insights into my knitting history and a glimpse at my past life where my knitting projects were much less practical than they are now.

About this website

This website is a forum for me to write about two of my passions: knitting and public librarianship. All of the words, photographs, videos and opinions expressed and shared on this website are my own and do not necessarily reflect my school or employer(s).