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The F*ck It Hat

Stay where you’re to, till I gets where you’re at.

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Last night, I was at an opening for Tara Cooper’s most recent exhibition, God Love Brigus II. The show is wonderfully charming, exploring storytelling through printmaking, clever little sculptural objects and collage. The subject of the exhibition focuses on the artist’s experience during a residency in picturesque Brigus, Newfoundland where six weeks out of the year they invite artists and…


KNITLIB the podcast – Episode 4 – Oh, the neon goodness!

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Can you believe it? We’re already a month into doing this thing! Amazing! In this week’s episode I tell a very long-winded story about literally falling on my face, give you a glimpse into my latest cast on and drink tea that surprisingly doesn’t taste like dirt. Happy New Year, everyone! πŸ™‚ KNITLIB – Episode 4 – Show Notes What…


KNITLIB the podcast – E3 – A little magical thinking.

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And episode 3 is here with a bang (and a little magical thinking!). We’ve got magic gems, a few project highlights, some really rad books and a whole lot of chatter. While this episode turned out a little longer than I had initially anticipated, just think of all the uninterrupted knitting time you can have while watching it! KNITLIB –…


KNITLIB the podcast – E2 – Unicorns, Rainbows and a Cat on a Bus

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Another week, another podcast episode! This week’s episode is a little short and I do sound a little congested thanks to the cold I caught from work but I do share some great things in it, including my most recent wip and picture book picks for kids. Plus, there’s a visit from my cat! Featured on the podcast… KNITLIBΒ on the…


This I believe.

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The final assignment for my first semester of online MLIS is to write an essay inspired by This I Believe, a project that’s been going on since the early 2000s where members of the public write short essays on “the core values that guide their everyday lives”. In recent years, selected essays from the project were featured on NPR and…


My not-so-secret librarian aspirations.

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Some big things happening this week! Not only is tomorrow Halloween, but it also marks the first day of a new stage in my ever-changing library life. After a year and half of working full-time at the busy downtown library, I’m making the move to part-time in a much smaller community library in the north end of the city. This…


Bumbling along.

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If you’re following me on Instagram (@knitlib), then you’re probably aware of theΒ currentΒ project I have on the needles: Bumble Sweater by Tin Can Knits.Β Yes, I’m fully aware that I have about a ba-jillion projects currently in progress butΒ whatever. This sweaterΒ had to be cast on. It was begging me to and who am I to turn down the call of the…


At the halfway mark.

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With my first assignment completed and submitted to the MLIS universe, I’ve had a day or two to catch my breath before starting in on the next onslaught of projects and readings and feeling like I’m on an intellectual treadmill. It’s not that the content is all that difficult to comprehend, it’s my ability to focus. When the semester started…


Knitting in fog city.

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Driving is spooky in the fog. Like they disappear to nothing. 🌫🌫🌫 #fogcity A video posted by suzen (@knitlib) on Oct 10, 2016 at 4:32pm PDT It’s been a grey weekend here in Calgary. I know from my social media feeds that I’m probably in the minority when I say how much I love this weather, but that’s not going…