Suzen Statz is a knitter, storyteller, podcaster, and soon-to-be librarian living in Calgary, Alberta. 

Knitting is much more than a hobby around these parts--it's a way of life. Suzen likes to see it as "thinking through one's hands" and will often turn to the rhythm of knit stitches to solve big problems, like what to eat for dinner, or pondering life on other planets. 

Currently, Suzen is pursuing a graduate degree in Library and Information Studies and has big dreams of being a librarian. Between online seminars, she works in the children's services department of the public library where she has built a career around reading, singing, and playing with children.

In her free time, Suzen enjoys drinking craft beer and making pizza. She also likes walking around aimlessly while listening to true crime podcasts and would much rather ride her bike than drive her car. Suzen also shares her creative space with her printmaker husband, Ryan.



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